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Roofing and waterproofing bitumen membranes

Our range of roll roofing materials includes more than 200 positions and allows to find analogues of almost all materials on the market among our standardized warehousing products. Moreover, our company has a wide experience in production of any materials according technical specifications of a customer.


  • Elastoizol Elastoizol Application area: -Roof covering of buildings and constructions of all types -Waterproofing of building constructions: footing,tunnels etc.
  • Eurocate Eurocate Roll roofing and waterproofing membrane, producer by means of roofing paper impregnation with oil bitumen,with application of coating bitumen with the filler and a dressing compound to the both sides of the mat.
  • Pergamin Pergamin Предназначен для подготовки изолируемых поверхностей( бетонная плита,цементно-песочная стяжка и т.п.) пред укладкой наплавляемых и самоклеящихся кровельных и гидроизоляционных материалов.